During the summer of 2020, I worked in the UH Manoa Asian Studies department as a research assistant under Dr. Kristi Govella. Her research revolves around how foreign direct investments impact Japanese policy, and as part of this position, I presented some of our findings from the summer at the 2020 UHM Summer Research Symposium. 
I coded a significant amount of Japanese-language data for this project, and also helped to clean the dataset after it was done. I received a grant to work on my own project utilizing this data in Spring 2021, and wrote a short paper that uses this dataset to explore the low level of success foreign companies have had in the Japanese gaming market. I presented my results at the Spring 2021 Undergraduate Research Showcase at the University of Hawaii, and was featured in the Fall 2021 newsletter in the Student Showcase section. 
More information on Dr. Govella's work can be found at www.kristigovella.com.

A page from the 1990 Gaishikei Kigyou Souran, a set of Japanese-language foreign company investment data that I helped to code into a database as part of this project.

The title slide for my 2020 presentation.

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